2 ways to get rid of the weight and clutter (in your pockets)

As a bloke, I rely on pockets to carry my "stuff".
I tried the man bag thing a few years back (maybe it was a decade),
but it just didn't work out.

I remember getting my first ATM card at 13 and carrying it around with pride.
I remember having that job at maccas when I was 15 and getting some
cash finally to put in my wallet.
Getting my drivers licence at 17, another meaningful status symbol to
carry around.
I remember the pride of my first mobile (cell phone) at 18, a Phillips Savy.
And it kept growing... credit card, store card, discount card, loyalty
card, Medicare card, library card, receipts (you never know), keys for
work, keys for home, keys for church, keys for Mum's place.
I had a little rhythm I would chant as I rushed out the door each
morning; keys wallet phone sunnies, keys wallet phone sunnies.
But the wallet kept growing fatter. And the key ring grew heavier...
Then one day I snapped.
I was running my lawn mowing business and I was looking at all the
crap in my wallet and keys on my key ring and asked "WHY?".

It was time for a cull...

If you feel the same pain, here's two steps you can take.

1. Ditch the cash and the cards! Just keep the essential two.
2. Leave the keys you haven't used in 3 months in a drawer.

I now carry 2 cards. And they live in my phone case.
-A debit card that links to my cheque and savings accounts and can be
used for online purchases. It uses Visa's Paywave, so I can actually
leave it in the case at a few places.
-My drivers licence, because I think it's actually law to carry it
when I drive and sometimes I just need photo ID.

My key ring only has the essentials.
-Front door for home
-Car key and remote
-PO Box (think I might leave this in the car anyway)
-2 keys for church where I work

What about your Medicare card?
Hospital won't turn me away.

What about cash?
Overrated. It's 2012 for crying out loud.

What about that receipt you might need?
Take a photo and upload to dropbox.

What about a key for your screen door?
Never lock it anyway. (Don't rob me).

What about those valuable discount cards?
Wasn't worth the clutter?

What about your DVD store membership?
They look me up on their computers.

I'm still not entirely satisfied. I'm aiming for a proximity key for
my car and home I can program with my phone, or a chip in my arm. And
I was hoping we'd have NFC (near field communication) in the iPhone by
now so it could be my credit card.

Who knows what the future will bring, but hopefully it will be less cluttered.