Talk about a tiny Camera

This little feller sure is cute.

From the Lomography website: Easy to use and packed with creative features, with the Diana Baby 110 you can choose between two great lens options; shoot breathtaking wide-angle square shots with the 12mm lens or switch to the 24mm lens for standard square photos. Don’t let this tiny tot slip away – Pick from the Diana Baby 110 Camera and Lens Package (comes with both lenses) or Diana Baby 110 Camera and 24mm Lens.

Apple Beats Samsung in Court and wins $1billion. Jury reached verdict quickly

Samsung now owe Apple $1b +  image:
Apple have just been handed the verdict they wanted in the recent battle against Samsung in the US.

You can read a bit about the court case's info over at tech crunch.

But what does this mean for the future of the tech industry, and the smart phone sector in particular?

It's always amazing to see the comments in an article about Apple v Android, as people have often chosen sides without looking at the details.

So lets remind ourselves of the facts.

First, the headlines you see might imply Samsung copied the iPhone through and through. In fact, they have been found to have infringed only a handful of patents, over features that would not make the phone useless without.

Second, not every Samsung device has been found to have infringed. And not every Android device they made has been found to have infringed either. So they are not out of business or anything.

Third, Apple actually did offer to licence some, if not all, of the patent items to Samsung in the past, so there is a good chance Samsung will be able to use the features if they want in the future, for a small fee.

Some people have painted this result as a loss for innovation, but they must not know what it is to live in a world where you cannot own something you invent.

In China, where the saying "if you can get away with it, then do it" is the modus operandi, they have built a culture that does not much more than rip off other people's ideas, and has to pay their people a pittance so that they can compete in the world's market place. One would think that with one sixth of the world's people, they would be better represented in the tech innovation world, but sadly that isn't the case... yet.

The US and similar nations should be proud of it's patent system, and of the fact that people and companies, both large and small, can be rewarded and thus incentivised for coming up with something new and better.

At the end of the day, we all win if innovation and invention are protected. But sadly, who knows how many great ideas never saw the light of day because the people with the idea had no way to protect it, or no incentive to share it with the world.

Is the patent system broken like people say? It could use some improvement perhaps, and no-one likes a patent troll. Sadly, innocent people sometimes get put in jail. But that doesn't mean we get rid of the court system.

So what will change now because of this?

Probably not much. The newest Samsung phones that are out are probably not infringing at the moment, and if Apple have got any new and brilliant design they have been hiding until a time like this, they will feel a little more comfortable now putting it to market. You can expect more litigation from Apple against other manufacturers in the near term, but I expect they will settle out of court or licence their patents asap.

Sing Hallelujah - New Facebook App for iPhone

Apple iPhone users will rejoice all over the world today as the Facebook app 5.0 has ben released.

After a quick look it seems to be A LOT faster than the old app.

Facebook say they have completely rebuilt the app.

I have commented before about how buggy the Facebook app was, so I for one am very pleased and hoping this will solve my frustration.

In case you were wondering, this might explain what the ex-Apple people Facebook hired recently have been working on.

Go to the app store on your phone and update ASAP.

A good movie to watch with your wife; Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

Salmon fishing is something I have never done. I mean, I've been fishing and if I have caught a salmon I wouldn't know it anyway because the fish all look the same to me.

But this movie "Salmon Fishing in the Yemen" was quite enjoyable. It's got Ewan McGregor and Emily Blunt (she's from The Adjustment Bureau) and some other people that you may have seen in other movies or you may not have, but they've got those faces that make you go "where have I seen her before?"

So I could tell you the gist of the plot but if I did you would say "gee, that sounds crap" but you'd be wrong, because the actual telling of the story is quite enjoyable.

So just rent it, or buy it, and watch it and enjoy it while you're eating dark chocolate and sipping lemonade with your lovely wife and go to bed.

It's not one for a boys night, just saying. But admit it, you don't really have boys nights anymore anyways. Maybe you should ring some of your guy friends once in a while, make an effort to keep in touch, you know. Let me know when you do and I'll do a review on Transformers or something.

And if you click here and rent or buy the movie from iTunes I get money.

What is a FanBoy?

Have you ever had someone try to convince you that your own experiences are meritless?

I had started going to a new church. At the youth group one night I saw a girl injure herself and everyone rushed over and started praying for her. I thought they were extremely weird. That was the time to ring an ambulance, not encourage her with some prayer.
She was in a lot of pain and her arm looked bad. Then within a few minutes she said the pain had stopped, and she could move her arm again no problem. Before that I didn't really believe in miracles.

Some months later, I had a basketball injury. My right ankle was in a lot of pain for a long time. I couldn't walk without pain, and playing basketball was almost impossible. One day at church someone prayed for me and I was instantly healed. I was banging my foot on the ground trying to get it to hurt again and it didn't. And never has in the 15 years since.

I meet people all the time, both christian and non-christian, who roll their eyes if I talk about God and politely yet condescendingly try to explain to me that miracles don't actually happen. Their arguments often sound very rational. And I like to think of myself as an intellectual, or at least a very rational person, so I kind of feel like I want to belong to their crowd. But the only problem is they are too late. I've already seen and experienced first hand certain things, so no amount of "reasoning" could actually convince me that there are no "miracles".

--I thought this was a tech blog. I didn't come here to read religious ramblings!

Yes yes.

My point is this.

I have had people tell me Apple products are crap though they have never actually owned an iPhone, an iPad or even a Mac. And when I point this out to them, along with the fact that I do in fact own those products and have previously used competitors products and have thus formed my opinion, they still believe that my opinion is wrong or that somehow I have been fooled by Apple's brainwashing and TV ads.

The only TV station I watched before I bought my iPhone was the Australian Broadcasting Corp (ABC - no ads). In fact, where I live I don't think we have enough humans to warrant Apple putting a TV ad to air. Other than the products themselves or in stores, I never see any Apple promotional material in my city. And the in-store stuff is outdone 10:1 by all the competitors noise.

I was quite oblivious to the fact that Apple fans even existed before I bought an iPhone. I had been using PDA's and "smart" phones for a while and I actually mocked people who bought iPhones when they came out, as most of the people I knew that had them only used them for the most basic of tasks, things a dumb phone (and cheaper phone) could do just as well.

But when I finally did go and get my first iPhone, I was so blown away by how much better than my Palm Treo 750 it was, I was speechless.

And it wasn't really the fact that Apple had made a nice user friendly product, it was the more that a company existed with a culture in it that seemed to want to achieve excellence.

And the thing is, a lot of other people have had the same experience. But just because they have come to think highly of Apple and its reputation, doesn't mean their opinion on anything tech related is of no value. Labelling someone "fanboy" may make you feel good, but it robs you of the opportunity to see life from someone else's perspective.

So... you can tell me that Apple suck if you want, but it's too late. I've already used their products. I've taken the red pill... and I liked it.

new iPhone rumours

Artists guess of what new iPhone will be:

So you want the latest rumours on the iPhone? The latest goss, what to expect? No? Well here it is anyway.

A bigger screen.
It better be. Leaked parts suggest it will be taller somewhat so imagine it with an extra row of icons.

It's probably an established enough standard now for Apple to stick it in the iPhone. They put it in the iPad already so it's fairly expected.
I thought this was going to be a game changer, but with the data plans out there being so crap there really isn't a lot of purpose to having ultra fast mobile 4G speeds. For example, Telstra were advertising some 4G Galaxy thing the other day and carrying on about how fast the download speeds were, and then proceeded to tell me the plan it came with included 1Gig of data. WHAT THE HECK AM I GOING TO DO WITH ONE GIG? Watch one episode of Mad Men? I want 4G and unlimited data and then it's worth having.

Smaller dock connecter.
Not really going to change my life much. Except all the chargers I already have will become useless. If it helps them make the phone smaller then that's ok. Maybe it will make data transfers quicker. Which would be good except only a mug would plug their phone into their computer and sync with iTunes these days. Unless Apple seriously overhaul iTunes on the Mac and PC and how the thing interacts with my iPhone, I don't want them to touch each other. I backup to iCloud and access everything over WiFi or the cloud. I admit, sometimes I transfer all the photo's and videos off my phone sometimes with a cord and if that could be faster that's nice.

Better battery life.
Great. Hope it doesn't heat up like a hot coal in my hand though.

A little bit.

Fingerprint sensor technology.
I doubt this one.

It will be available to order 12 Sept 2012. Released Sept 21st.
Hope so.

A smaller sim card.
How small do you want it. It seriously can't be taking up that much room inside the phone. I remember when sim cards were the size of a credit card. Dropping your sim card on the ground is going to be like dropping a contact lens soon.

Metal back.
Apple purchased a bunch of patent rights for some kind of metal from a company called "LiquidMetal". Read about it here.

Even tougher glass.
Bullet proof would be nice.

So there you go. Although most of the rumours and stuff making headlines are calling it iPhone 5 it will be the 6th iPhone. So who knows, maybe it will be called 'the new iPhone' just to annoy everyone again.

I'm pretty sure iOS 6 will ship at the same time, so a lot of things that will feel like an improvement will just be software related. So these are just the anticipated hardware updates.

I personally am not vouching for any of these rumours (rumors). No one has sent me a part from a factory that some poor chinese bloke smuggled out up his butt so he could earn a few extra yuan to pay for a new fake pair of Air Jordans. And I'm actually hoping Apple has got something special up its sleeves. Maybe a 20MP camera. Maybe NFC so I don't have to carry my heavy credit card everywhere with me. Maybe some special tech that will start my car and unlock my house front door so I don't need keys any more, and a built in speaker that is as good as a standard home theatre. And charging without needing to be plugged in. And the ability to recharge just from moving around in my pocket. And a powerful gyroscope and accelerometer that can actually detect when it is falling and deploy an airbag. You think I'm joking? I'm not. And water proof.

How to send just the audio from your Mac to your Apple TV via Airplay

So if you have a Mac running Mountain Lion (or later if you are reading this in the future... whoa) and you own an Apple TV or some other Airplay enabled speaker or device you have probably given the Airplay feature a bit of a burn.

And it's good.

But sometimes you don't want to send the screen to your Apple TV, you just want to send your tunes to the Apple TV so it can play through your sweet stereo instead of those poxy macbook speakers. Well, here's a simple way of doing it.

See that little volume icon in the top menu bar? Yep? Click on it.
-It shows me the volume you clever thing!

Yes I know that. Just making sure you can find it first. Now this time, hold down the "option" key then click it.
-Wow! A whole 'nother menu.

Yes my friend. And if the device you want to beam the sound to is on the wifi network your mac is, then it should appear in that little drop down menu and all you need to do is select it and you're in business. All your housemates will now know what great taste you have in music, and they will also find out you are a cheapskate and won't pay for a premium Spotify membership when the Spotify ads boom throughout your home in 5.1 surround quality.

Well anyway, hope that helps you out. At least your housemates now don't have to see what is on your laptop screen (probably this blog giving you instructions on how to use your Mac. You're probably going to take all the credit for figuring this out now aren't you coz they can't see the screen anyway? That's ok, I stole it off someone else but I can't remember who so they don't get any credit.)

How to reach your wife when she has her phone on silent

Every now and then I ring my wife and I really need to speak with her but can't get her.

She leads a busy life; looks after our 4 kids, runs a play group, looks after her friends, visits the poor, sick and lonely, and keeps our house looking ship shape. So sometimes she needs to put her phone on silent.

Fair enough.

But sometimes she forgets to take it off silent.

So how can I get her?

Well, if she's at home I just ring the land line. That thing wakes the dead.

But if she's out and about I have a new trick for reaching her.

Enter: Find my iPhone.

She and I use iPhones. And iCloud. And the same iCloud account at that. As you do, why pay for apps twice?

So if I go to and log in, select Find My iPhone, then I can see all my devices including my Mac and iPads and whatever is associated with my Apple ID.

Not only can I see where they all are, but I can send a message to them that will make a noise even if they are on silent or the volume is turned right down.

So I send Jane a message to ring me, her iPhone beeps and beeps until she sees it and deactivates it.

If you want you can do it from your iPhone or iPad by downloading an app called Find my iPhone.

I use this same trick to find my iPhone in the morning when I'm rushing out the door and it's hidden somewhere in the house on silent because the boys were playing Metal Storm: Wing Commander the night before.

Spotify or Rdio - What's the Difference?

I came across an app/website called Rdio yesterday. I've heard of it plenty of times but saw it on Facebook and thought "why the Sheol not?"

Signed up, downloaded the iPhone app, had a play and enjoyed it.

Checked the fine print and realised I had 7 days to enjoy the free stuff before I would have to start paying.

I had thought I may have come across a replacement for Spotify, but I couldn't really see the extra value or point of difference other than it seemed a bit easier to write my own comments of nostalgia below an old Silverchair number.

So Spotify it is for the time being. I still haven't convinced myself to sign up for the premium service. I can't work out if I don't listen to much music because I don't want to pay for it, or I don't pay for much music because I don't want to listen to it.


Let me know if you think one is better than the other and why.

i've really been enjoying mad men lately

I've been totally addicted to the Mad Med tv show lately. If you haven't heard of it it's well worth a download from iTunes. I've bought season 1-5 now off iTunes and am still part way through season 5.

It's really well written, set in the sixties and has great characters and thoughtful plot lines.

Jane isn't a fan though.

Hope you like it.

the tragic divorce - 8 reasons I still love Google

google maps saves the day
google maps saves the day
Being fond of a lot of products Apple have made has put me in a bit of an awkward position when it comes to Google. In the short time that the iPhone (and iPad for that matter) has existed, Google has been one of the main reasons it is so great to use.

I agree the Android thing that was clearly a knock off of iOS, but with the ensuing spoiling of the relationship I am left feeling like a child whose parents have just been divorced. And while none of the parents will say it directly, one feels like he has to pick sides, has to determine who was to blame, and has to pledge allegiance to one of the parents.

But at times I get to sit still long enough to think through some of my feelings and I have come to a conclusion that deep in my heart, I still love both parents and wish that they would get back together.

As part of the healing process, I am going to declare some of the things I love the most about Google.

1. Search.
I actually started using Bing recently as my hard and calloused heart tried to shut out the hurt of seeing the Google logo every time I needed to do a search. It was like seeing pictures of Dad on your wall after you found out he cheated on Mum and left her for his 17 year old secretary (note to people that know me; my Dad never did that.) My experiment with Bing was going ok for a while. It certainly wasn't "better" than Google, but I thought it would suffice. Then one day I was wanting to go see a movie. I search "movies geraldton" as I always do, but instead of being presented with a list of movies playing at my local cinema and the times they were showing, I was given a standard search result page that may or may not have sent me to a web page with the desired information. I didn't hang around to find out. I changed the default search on my iPhone and humbly admitted that Google was still number 1 for search.

2. Google maps.
I know every tech company with a market cap over 10 billion has their own maps these days, but Google still works best. And the biggest asset they have that no-one is going to replicate in a hurry is STREET VIEW. I was looking for the name of an old friend's fruit orchard in a small town called Northampton. She grows the best organic oranges, mandarines and lemonades (like a sweet lemon). It's a town with about 25 people 50k's north of Geraldton, one of the most isolated cities in the most sparsely populated state in Australia. But sure enough, Google had been there, taken a great photo of their sign out the front (it was called Carobbean Orchards) and I was forced yet again to thank Google in my heart for their free yet very useful service. Who else would even bother to do something like this unless they could work out how to monetize it first.

3. Gmail.
I logged into my old hotmail account the other day. It had finally been updated to an interface that a human being might actually want to use. Too bad they are 10 years too late. Other than Gmail's user friendliness, the idea of just archiving everything and searching for it has stuck on me. I don't even bother to tag much these days. Things just get archived when I've dealt with them, and if I ever need to find it again, I search away and find it. It's way easier than trying to remember if I filed it under "work" or "photo" or "work photo". Apparently Gmail has ads, but I don't even see them. I doubt they make much money on this service.

4. Blogger.
I'm using it right now. I like it.

5. Youtube.
I know Google bought it, not started it. But they had the balls to pay a lot for it ($1.65bill) back then while others where thinking they must have too much money and nothing to spend it on. With hindsight now, every other large tech company would wish they had been the ones to grab Youtube. And it gets better and better. I use Youtube to park my family videos to share with the grandparents, or just as a way of archiving all that footage I don't feel like leaving on my hard disks.

6. Chrome.
I like some of the new features Safari has in it's browser on OS X, but Chrome really was a blessing for so long. It was, and still is, so far ahead of Internet Explorer and many others, and so much faster, that it has become something of a standard. I haven't really used it much on my iPhone or iPad due to iOS's inability to set it as the default browser. I wonder if "anti-trust" issues will ever arise because of this.

7. Adwords, Adsense, Google Analytics
I know these should be seen as separate services, but essentially why I bunch them together is they make it easy for the "not very" technical person to make ads to sell their products, display ads to earn a few bucks from their sites, or measure the traffic their site receives without to much hard work. I realise this is how Google actually make all their money and there is nothing altruistic about it, but I value it all the same.

8. Driverless cars.
Every time you read about someone dying in a car accident caused by drunk drivers, texting drivers, asleep drivers, incompetent drivers or drivers who choke on their Big Mac while laughing at a joke on the latest John Gruber podcast... remind yourself of this one thing: there is a world coming where this will never happen, and Google are working hard NOW to make that world a reality.

Google cop a lot of flack for their services that end up being a flop, but what I see with Google is a company that is humble enough to say "Hey, we can't predict the future, so we're gonna have a go at a whole range of things and some of them will stick and others won't and we'll kill them". A company like Apple has a reputation for doing things perfectly or not at all. While it feels great to use their products, it could stifle some of the risk taking in the company. Who knows what awesome products we will never get to use because someone at Apple thought they weren't perfect.

So thank you Google for everything. I forgive you for Android and maybe one day I might even buy a Nexus 7. I hope you and Apple can work things out and do what's best for the kids.

PS I also like Google desktop, Sketch-up, Calendar,  Cloud Print, Google Alerts, Google News, Google Fibre,  Google Earth and Feedburner.

5 reasons i miss my iPad

It's hard to explain the rationale behind why I sold my iPad.

Essentially, I really wanted a MacBook Air and once I had it, I felt like I had a device that could do what the iPad did and more. And I guess it sort of can... nah, not really.

5 things my ipad could do that my macbook can't

1. Go with me to the toilet.
The iPad is borderline too big but I can just get away with it at home. I stick to the iPhone for work.

2. Lie sideways in bed.
It's great to watch movies or read in bed and as I get sleepy I like to turn sideways. Not really good with a laptop or whatever.

3. Instantly on.
And it's just there. It's convenient to leave the iPad lying around on the kitchen bench (don't tell Jane). A charger is never far away too with a house full of iOS devices. But as wonderful as the Macbook is, it just isn't as convenient a use it anywhere device as an iPad is.

4. Entertain the little guys.
I feel pretty comfortable leaving my iPad with my two year old. He gets it grubby, sure, but if it's in a good case it's gonna be ok. And he can navigate his way through it with the greatest of ease. I know kids are clever with tech, but I'm just not going to hand him the Macbook Air and say "play nice".

5. Last longer on battery power.
The battery life on the iPad is simply awesome. I can watch movies and browse the net for seemingly ages without being tied to a cord. Ugh.

I'll probably grab an iPad mini when it comes out. If it's not here by christmas I'll either settle for a normal iPad or try out one of those Nexus 7 tablets. Not really stoked to have to do that though.

why no-one needs to "win" in the post pc era

Once upon a time there was a race.
It was a race to become "the platform" that everyone used. We thought it was going to be the platform everyone would use for all time, but as we start using mobile devices (ie non mac or windows) more and more, we are starting to realise that the entire windows v mac thing existed in just a very small window of time.

And now a new race is on. the race to be the defining platform in the mobile world. Android (from Google) and iOS (from Apple) are the front runners. Windows Phone is making a run, and RIM still have a small representation with their blackberry devices.

The thought is that at some point one of these brands will end up becoming the "standard" and 90% of the world will need to use that standard in order to interact properly in business and in life.

But really, why do we all need to be using the same operating system?

With windows and mac, there were real headaches when trying to have a business running both machines. Networking issues, word processing and spreadsheet documents not working on one platform or the other. Even USB memory sticks only working on one or the other.

But in the world we live in today, I really don't see how the same headaches are going to arise.

For me and my family at home, there really doesn't seem to be a lot of headaches that would pop up if we were using multiple mobile platforms.
An iPad or a Nexus 7 or a Microsoft Surface tablet will all work on the same WiFi network. As will an iPhone or a Galaxy S3 or a Nokia Lumia 900.
They can all access Facebook.
They can all share and browse images on Flickr.
They can all use dropbox.
They can all access Evernote.
They can all text each other.
They can all email each other.
They can all create and edit .doc or .xls or whatever documents you have.
They can all browse the internet.
They can all print wirelessly.
They can all take photos.
They can all send and receive each other's photos.
They can all access Gmail (and Google Calendars).
They can all read Kindle books.
They can all listen to MP3s.
They can all download and listen to podcasts.
They can all Skype each other.
They can all buy things off eBay and Amazon.

Obviously it will be argued that some devices will be better at or more suited to certain tasks than others. But if you prefer Apple's iOS but all your friends and colleagues are using Android phones, you will still have no trouble communicating with them by electronic means or sharing information or documents or photos.

Sure, you may not get free text messages ala iMessage unless the whole world uses Apple. But there are plenty of apps that will allow you to kinda text other OS's for free.

I have a lot of friends that use Android and a lot that use iOS, but I never have problems when I need to share documents or anything else. Asking people what device they have just never comes up (unless of course they have a 5 year old nokia dumb phone that hasn't got MMS activated, DAD!). I personally use all Apple products, and in the back of my mind I feel like if I can get the rest of the world to use Apple too then somehow my life will be a little more convenient. But it just doesn't appear to be the case.

And I think this is a great thing for consumers, because even if Apple gain complete market dominance with the iPad, there will still be very little that will keep consumers locked into the Apple ecosystem other than the fact that media they buy are stored for them in the cloud on iTunes. And if the rest of the world ends up using Android, it won't really bother me because I'll still be able to interact with them from my iPhone and iPad and everything will work just fine.

So each brand will have to continue to give people a reason to buy their product, because it really won't be much of a headache to switch brands of devices in a world where all your data is in the cloud and can be accessed and used from any device you choose.

Long live competition.

a built in ash tray

Perhaps the surface will come with a built in DVD player and a VCR.
Maybe a cup holder and a built in ash tray would be useful too.
Obviously Microsoft believe more is better. Just look at a Microsoft
keyboard compared to an Apple keyboard and you will understand the
different philosophies the companies have

they hate change

I have a theory.

When books started becoming popular a lot of old people would have tutt-tutted about all the "kids these days" with their heads buried in books. The youth and weird old people that were more interested in reading a book than making something with their hands would have been decried as abominable. They would have declared that books were leading society off a cliff and breeding a bunch of lazy people that ever went outside and enjoyed the "real world".

And yet, somehow, things still got built. Sunshine still got enjoyed. Families still prospered and grew. Human rights advanced around the world. And now we cannot imagine a world that is not filled with books. In fact, a kid with his head in a book is celebrated by the adult world as virtuous and holy.

When I was 13-ish (around 1994-ish) my friends started getting the internet and I asked my mum (who had come into a largish some of money) if we too could get a new computer and connect to the internet. I tried to tell her about all the benefits of it, although in my mind at the time the only benefits I knew of were chat rooms and looking up song lyrics, and maybe a little homework research could be done.

I was excited when I imagined having access to the internet. It would set me apart from a lot of my peers, enabling me to research things a lot easier than before (we never owned an encyclopaedia) and the sheer coolness of having a new computer in the house.

But my mum firmly believed that if we were connected to this strange "internet" we would be exposed to limitless amounts of pornography and end up corrupted and vile for the rest of our lives. So for the rest of my teenage years until I left home at 18, we had no computer and no internet access. But at least we didn't turn out corrupted.

And also, coincidently, not a single one of mum's four sons graduated from high school.

I have always been fascinated by computers, gaming systems and tech in general, but it was fear held by my parent that prevented me from learning about computing and nurturing my passion at a younger age.

I take full responsibility for my actions today though. I have made a conscious choice now I am older to explore and develop my love for these contraptions, and although it has taken a little more work, I do actually feel like I have a little more social skill than a lot of computer nerds who spent their teenage lives in front of a computer screen instead of chasing girls as I did.

And now when Mum comes to visit me and my family with her crappy laptop and needs help connecting to the wifi at my house, she asks me to help her because it's (strangely) beyond her. I don't ask her how she manages to avoid all that porn on the net.

I have never actually heard an older computer hating person admit "I don't know how to use it because I shunned it out of my fear of change and now I feel like I am on an island and I really wish I knew how to operate this thing." Instead they say "I'm old." It's code for "it's not my fault and I accept no responsibility for my choices in life".

So perhaps for us now, we embrace computers and smartphones and ipads and whatever, but it won't be long before people in their teens and 20's and 30's see the next new thing and say how dumb it is and how much society doesn't need it. I actually heard a 16 year old say that recently about iPads. She genuinely couldn't understand why anyone would want one. I was gobsmacked. Although, she ended up buying one a few months later.

Pause for a minute the next time you catch yourself resisting change. If it's because you think you know a better way then by all means share it with the rest of us. But if it's because you fear change... well, not much good comes from fear.

as if you wouldn't

as if you wouldn't copy the iphone
as if you wouldn't copy the iphone

i'm growing a bit tired of all the Apple fans whinging about Samsung and the larger android community copying Apple.

of course samsung and android and google and whoever will never say the words "we copied Apple" but if you get off your "i was here first so it's mine" bandwagon and look at things from a simple business perspective... you will come to the correct conclusion (it's correct because that's my conclusion) that Samsung made a very wise choice indeed by copying apple and the iphone.

let's think about what exactly happened.

all the phone makers are tonking along making stuff and along comes Apple and completely reinvents the game, taking everyone by surprise and making them all look like they are selling bits of rock with chisels and mallets.

three meetings take place.

Meeting 1, RIM headquarters:
"Well guys, those queer skivvy wearing dorks at Cupertino have made something nice and flashy, but we can't be shaken off course by every new fad that comes along. Let's stick to our guns and do what we know works. IT departments love us and we have a popular brand."

Meeting 2, Microsoft headquarters:
"Well guys, those losers who think a little too different have stuffed the phone market for everyone. All they did was make a new flashy operating system that was different to what existed, so let's invent a new operating system that is totally different from everything that is available now. Obviously that's the formula for success."

Meeting 3, Samsung headquarters:
"Apple are killing us and we haven't got a clue how to beat them. Let's just copy them as much as we can without going to jail or getting sued too much, until we can figure out how to do it better."

I'm sure RIM's and Microsoft's management felt a lot more noble coming out of their meetings, but you can't pay shareholders nobility dividends.


For those of you who are unsure, RIM make the blackberry phone which used to be the status symbol of the business world and now is put on silent and left in one's pocket because it's too embarrassing to pull out in public... "my company make me use it!" the blackberry owners cry... "it's got the best security!" is a clear sign the holder of the device is one more 'why do you still have a blackberry' conversation away from a piece of rope and a wobbly chair.

Microsoft used to make an operating system called Windows Mobile and were so blown away by the iPhone they just shut up shop and decided to start again. The new "Windows Phone" is certainly innovative and different, but they missed the fact that people liked the iPhone not because it was different, but because it was intuitive and obvious. Heck, my one year old can drive the thing.

next iPhone

It seems in the tech world every man and his dog are speculating on what the new iPhone is going to have or do.

It makes me think what would I actually want to improve on the iPhone if I could. So when it comes out (and I don't think it will be called the iPhone 5) I hope for these simple upgrades.

1. Larger screen
2. A little thinner
3. Siri actually works

Other than these simple things, I am scratching my head as to what ground breaking additions can be added to the iPhone. I mean, it was the iPhone's simplicity that was it's beauty. So to clog it with more so called "features" won't necessarily add to its appeal.