How was your day?

How many times have you asked your kid how their day was and felt like you were trying to get blood from a stone? And not just any stone, a stone from the middle of a desert that has a poisonous snake on it and sharp jaggedy edges.

It dawned on me the other day how little time we as parents actually spend on describing our day to our kids.

Thinking that maybe, like everything else in life, my son learns by watching me I decided to spend some time telling him all about my day at work. He never asked, but I explained blow by blow what had happened to me that day. We had a chirpy and friendly conversation in which he proceeded to tell me what had happened to him at school that day. (he's 4 btw and only just started kindergarten).

Afterward I felt a lot more responsibility as a Dad. If I wonder why he won't do something, I need to ask myself if I've demonstrated it yet.