7 Dreams of the same thing

I have this thing I like to do on my birthday. I buy presents for my
family. I enjoy it so much, way more than getting presents. So I
figure it's my birthday and I can do what I enjoy.

I was shocked to find out just how much I enjoy it though.

The night before, I dreamt 7 times or more about giving my children
their presents. You know those dreams you have where you go and do the
thing you need to do the next day? That's what I kept having. That
dream. And each time I would think "darn it wasn't real".

And when morning finally came, and I finally got to give the presents
I felt purpose. Like I was made to be a blessing for someone else.

It's hard to describe the feeling of being able to give up my own
wants to give to someone I love. As a husband and a Dad, I'm really ok
with it being my purpose.