Why Are You Bothering?

Upon closer inspection of some men trying to "fix" their marriages, one discovers that perhaps their main motivation for doing so is to simply make their own life easier and more pleasant.

It seems that it is not the fact that the wife feels unloved or overworked that upsets the husband, but the fact that she nags him or makes his life more painful because of it. Yet often men simply want to go and treat the symptoms without addressing the actual cause of the pain his wife is feeling.

I honestly believe that as long as a man continues along that path, he will ultimately be frustrated and simply act to try and control his wife.

In my opinion, the goal of a husband should be to care for and love his wife, to bless her and to be there for her within his capacity. I am not saying women are unable to care for themselves, nor am I suggesting that every man is supposed to be like some 1930's bread winning wife-at-home-i-sit-at-the-head-of-the-table kind of bloke.

What I am suggesting though, is that it is hard wired into a man to want to lay down his life for his wife and care for her, and while he only lives to seek his own pleasure and comfort he will not find peace in himself.

There is nothing more rewarding than a wife that looks you in the eye and tells you how much she appreciates you.