Quality Time

I've noticed that it is very rare for a child of mine to be non

compliant after a day of fun and play time together.

If I have invested hours of time, attention and love into my child, I

can ask him or her to do any chore and they are only too happy to help

out. They don't fuss at bed time, and they turn off the TV without a


If I have been absent from them for a while, and we have not spent any

quality time together for a few days, it's as though there is a wall

between us. They vary between mildly compliant and flat out

rebellious, but it's a general rule that they have a lot less respect

when they have been lacking quality time with me.

I know the parenting books you buy try and teach you the latest

"techniques" for managing, controlling or just coping with your kids.

But I think too often we are looking for a "quick fix".

I am starting to believe that there is no substitute for QUALITY TIME

and attention. It is the most difficult and expensive thing you can

ever offer your child, and yet it is the greatest thing you can

contribute to build a healthy bond between yourself and your child.

You really do reap what you sow.