Punish Selfishness or Demonstrate Sharing

my kids are not half price
my kids are not half price
I was desperately trying to get my kids to share something a few days ago, yet no amount of direction or threatening seemed to be making a difference. Whenever they eventually did share it, it was with the greatest resentment and only lasted moments.

I wondered what I could do to make them WANT to share. I figured I would take an entirely different approach and instead of telling or directing them what to do, I would simply give them a demonstration of what sharing looked like and allow them to copy, something they are very good at.

I went and got two chocolates out of the pantry (not sure how they weren't eaten already) and told my boys I would like to SHARE my chocolates with them. They were only too keen to receive the fruits of my kindness, and I handed one to the youngest and told him it was for the other, and then gave him one himself.

There was no lightning bolts or tears of repentance, but they did settle down and seemed to play a lot nicer together.

We as parents often try to correct wrong behaviour, but equally we need to see the importance of demonstrating right behaviour. Life shouldn't just be a list of what NOT to do.