I hear a lot of men whining about how their wives expect them to be mind readers. I myself have at times felt unwarranted pressure to know what is going on in my wife's head without her telling me on a number of occasions.

But if I am absolutely truly honest... most of the time I actually can tell what is going on inside her mind.

I don't say that arrogantly. Life is a lot easier without the ability to read minds; you get off the hook more often. The problem with being able to read your wife's mind is it comes with the added burden of having to do something about the information you gather.

I have no definitive answer on how it is that I read my wife's mind. It may be subtle body language cues, the way she carries herself, her tone of voice. I don't consciously compute what is going on. But I do discern it. And if I sense something is wrong (or right) I only have to pause for a few seconds to allow that realisation to bubble to the surface and alert me to what is going on.

I think most husbands have the same ability. No-one can ever hold you accountable for knowing what your wife is thinking, so if you choose you can go your entire marriage without being responsible for what your wife is struggling with on the inside. But if you really want to love your wife, own up to the fact that more often than not you do sense what is going on and have the ability to do something about it.