Why Do I Have To Say It So Many Times

As a Dad, you may ask sometimes "Why do I have to tell him so many

times...? Why won't my kids listen to me the first time?"

If you stop and think about it... why do you think your kids don't

listen to you the first time?

What will happen if they ignore you?

Probably nothing.

So why should they listen to you?

By repeating yourself you actually train your child to know you don't

mean what you say. Your "Yes" doesn't mean yes. Your "Stop" doesn't

mean stop.

Is it any wonder your son or daughter doesn't listen to you when you

speak? If there is no consequence for ignoring you and doing what they

want, why on earth would they listen?

I'm not advocating beating your child every time they don't jump when

you say too... What I'm suggesting is that before you give an

instruction, have in your mind already what the alternative outcome is

going to be for your child if they ignore you.

You say "Get out of bed or you"ll be late for school" but they hear

"Get out of bed or I'll come and nag you another 3 times and I won't

leave until you are ready even if you make me late".

Why not just leave? Your 16 year old stays home by themselves quite

often anyway.

My 4 year old son won't eat his dinner. So now he has four minutes to

eat. What doesn't get eaten goes to the chickens.

And then tomorrow when I suggest he eat instead of playing, he will

know I mean what I say.

After a while of only saying things once, you will have shown that you

mean what you say, and it will help your child to trust and respect

you, because you only say things you mean.