She's Just Different

My wife just asked me to buy her a new book. It's one by Bill Johnson
and she said she really liked the last one of his that she read. She
emailed me her request. As I read it I thought how easily I could
fulfill this request. I could jump on iBooks or Amazon and have the
book on her iPad and iPhone within 10 minutes. Then I got to the end
of the email... it said she would prefer a hard copy.

I was in shock. Didn't my wife know I hated hard copies? Had I failed
to educate her on the virtues and ease of use with respect to ebooks?

I quickly confronted her on her peculiar request. (She was in the next room.)

"A hard copy?" I asked.

"I find them easier to read and underline and take notes on. It just
goes into my brain better," she said.

"No problem". I turned and left the room, strangely in awe of the
polar differences in my wife and my ways of seeing the world.

Some people say how much they have in common with their spouses and
how lucky that is the case. My wife and I seem to have next to nothing
in common. We are very different.

It has taken me a long time to realize my wife isn't broken, and
neither am I. We are just made differently. We are learning to use
those differences to compliment each other, and strengthen each other.

When you look at your wife and think "that is so weird" remember she
was made like that for a reason.

Grow to be amazed at how your wife looks at the world. Be fascinated
at her different ways of reacting to situations. Learn a new point of
view by appreciating her unique spin on the world. Grow stronger
yourself by allowing her strengths to compliment your weaknesses.