Remembering Being Little

It might be hard being a dad... it's hard being a kid too.

Try real hard to think back when you were young. As young as you can
remember, when you were as innocent as can be.

I can remember lying to my parents when I was 4 saying I had bad
dreams just so I could snuggle with them in their bed. There was
nothing I wanted more as a child than just to be with Mum and Dad.

Your kids may not have the ability to articulate what they are wanting
and feeling. But I'll bet they are just like every other human on the
planet and what they want most of all is love.

Food, shelter, clothing, sugar and toys might be what you think they
want. But a child that knows he's loved is a child that can grow up to
love others.

Whatever age your children are, remember being their age, remember
what it would have meant to you for your parent to stop and show you
the love you craved. And whether your parents succeeded or failed,
know that you can choose to go and show love to your children.