Remember Your Word

I once made an agreement with someone to manage a department within
their company and I would be remunerated per metre of product I sold.
I, and the party with which I made the agreement, expected that with a
lot of hard work I could build the department up to a point where I
could make a healthy income.

At first though, I found a lot of obstacles. Difficult people,
ridiculously complicated government guidelines, backbreaking work,
late nights of paperwork. It seemed as though I had signed up for
something bigger than I expected.

But I pushed on, knowing that I had made the agreement for better or worse.

And then it started to blossom. It exploded actually. We were
installing 10x as much product as we expected, and I was earning an
obscene amount of money that caused the people who made the contract
with me to think they shouldn't have offered me as much.

It didn't last forever, as it was government funded. But it taught me
a very valuable lesson.

Just because something is harder than what you thought when you first
signed up is no reason to quit. Be a man of your word. Remember your
commitments. If you can keep at a task when the reward seems to be
less than the effort put in, you will be able to handle a reward that
is 100x more than the effort you put in.

Your marriage may seem like more work than it's worth. But remember
those vows you made all those years ago. Keep at it, and you will
enjoy rewards that you feel like you never earned.