Practice Makes Perfect

I was watching the Celtics the other day and started thinking about
how many times you must have to shoot a free throw before it becomes
so natural you don't actually think about all the motions that go into
it. I started pondering how the brain works and I love trying to get
my head around it.

I love watching anyone who is an expert at anything, and what
impresses me the most is how effortless the task they are carrying out
seems to be. I know they must have spent years practicing, making
mistakes, getting better, and doing it until you don't even think
about it.

I was behind a learner driver today who was attempting a parallel
park. I remember my first attempts and it's scary. But now after 13
years of driving I can (usually) do it well with little stress,
getting it right the first time.

I think responding to our wives can be the same. We technically KNOW
what we should have said in that particular moment, we know what we
SHOULD have done, we REALIZE now that it was obvious she was feeling
that way.

But be like a pro, don't make excuses. Just go back, ask for another
shot, and do it better. And practice until you get it right the first
time everytime.

Communicate to your wife that you are trying to do it better. No need
to be a sap or anything. But be man enough and humble enough to admit
some things take practice.

Paul Pierce wouldn't say "Look, I was a crap free throw shooter when
you signed me, so love me for who I am!"

So let's not use that line on our wives.