Play Time with Younger Kids

Being a father of young children is especially challenging. But it

sure can be specially rewarding. Life today is so filled with STUFF it

can be hard to be fully engaged with your kids at times.

One thing I do to help at times, is to leave the phone and iPad and

whatever else might distract me in another room, so I can be fully

engaged with my kids when I need to be.

Even kids that have their Dad around, often struggle to get their

Dad's attention. It doesn't need to be this way.

I can make a decision before I go into the house, or into the room, to

be fully there and aware of what my kids are saying and experiencing,

and join in the fun with them.

Nothing helps a little child sleep better than having had some great

play time with Dad before bed. They may not want to say goodnight, but

when they do eventually fall asleep, they will sleep soundly, assured

of their father's love and protection.