Often when we think to ourselves, "How can I fix my marriage?" what we really mean is "How can I fix my wife?"

I don't think there is a way. Husbands make mistakes. Wives make mistakes. 

One thing we can do is chose how long we are going to make our spouse suffer for their mistakes or thoughtlessness. Are we going to wait until they say sorry? Are we going to wait until they have said sorry and we have let them suffer for a bit? Are we going to hold it against them for the foreseeable future and hopefully use it to show them how much they owe us in the future?

What if we forgive before they even ask us to? What if we "as men" set the example of how to live life? What if we don't even tell our mates about our wife's short coming, we cover it up and protect her, lift her on a pedestal and let the world know we think highly of our wife?

It's not like holding a grudge has ever worked for you before.