Feeling Productive

As Father's, we often pride ourselves on the thought that the things

we are doing are for our families.

Sometimes this is true, and sometimes it's just a great sounding

excuse for us to do what we want to do.

I had some intentions today to get out and weed the back yard

(paddock). I thought it through and decided it would be a very

productive use of my time, and of course the kids would get much more

enjoyment out of a back yard with less weeds and prickles. What a

great Dad I am.

Then as I was about to head out, my oldest (4yo) son who was about to

go down for his nap asked if I could lie with him and look after him.

He reasoned that he would be lonely without me there. I explained that

I had a very important task to carry out, and he simply repeated his

request as though I had not heard him.

I thought about it for a couple of seconds.

I could lie here with my son, feeling like I am achieving nothing but

potentially improving the bond between my son and I and helping my son

to know he is loved and cared for, or I could get busy weeding the

lawn and have a sense of accomplishment at the end of it.

I actually chose to have a nap with my son. I fell asleep for 3 hours

next to him on my king size bed and when we both awoke, he was happy

and excited to be with me. We did some shopping at Bunnings together,

he ate his dinner without fussing, we played with his new Chugginton

trains on a chalk drawn track I made, then laughed together as we

played Air Wings on the iPads against each other and the rest of the


Mum went to bed early, so I eventually tucked him into bed. He didn't

fuss and seemed content and calm.

The back yard is still full of weeds, but somehow I feel like I had a

very productive day.