Date Night

It honestly sounds like a cliché, but it cannot be stressed enough how
important it is to take your wife out regularly, just like a date.

Open the car door for her. Remind her of that feeling she had when you
both first met. There is nothing more rewarding for a marriage than
when you the husband go to lengths to show your wife how special she
really is, that she is worth some of your time.

Got kids? Get a baby sitter. Money tight? It will be even tighter if
you're divorced. Would be weird because it's been so long? You've got
to start somewhere... go out for coffee.

I love taking my wife out, even if we are to tired to talk much, it's
just a great re-bonding experience hanging out for a few hours
together. I'm always surprised how much we actually have to catch up
on, even though we are living together day in day out.

So book it in. LOCK it in. Don't wait for spare time, it never comes.