Asking for help

How do I become a better Dad? How can I be a good Dad?

I guess the first thing needed to be a great Dad is admitting you

don't have all the answers. I look at men that sprout out cliches and

statements about parenting as though they were God's own personal

advisor on parenting, and I look at their relationships with their

kids and think "no thanks".

I would like to be able to say I look at other men and see what they

have and think "wow, that's amazing". The truth is I haven't seen it


I have a picture in my heart of what a great Dad is and what a

wonderful father-son or father-daughter relationship looks like, but I

haven't seen it in real life. That doesn't mean it doesn't exist. That

doesn't mean it can't exist.

If anything, it makes me more determined to build it myself.

It's like an artist painting a sunset in the middle of the night.